Laverne's Story

Laverne Friesen's journey has been one of
diverse experiences, from serving as a first responder in various capacities to
working in farming and the energy development industry of Northern Canada.

Several years ago, the weight of a lifetime
of trauma, including childhood violence and spiritual and emotional abuse, culminated
in an occupational stress injury, plunging Laverne into the depths of
depression, anxiety, and despair.

Trapped in silence by the stigma surrounding
mental illness, he battled alone until seeking professional help became his
only option.

Through countless hours of therapy, he
emerged from the darkness, reclaiming his identity as a devoted father,
resilient first responder, and advocate for mental health.

Amidst the turmoil, Laverne discovered the
transformative power of gratitude and the importance of embracing each moment.

Having battled through the trenches of
victimhood, stuck in negative cycles for decades, Laverne's journey is one of
triumph over adversity.

Now, he's on a relentless quest to share the
hard-won wisdom that reshaped his destiny.

As a transformational coach, Laverne's fire
burns bright with a mission: igniting the spark of greatness within each of us.

From overcoming the effects of childhood
trauma and navigating the tumultuous waters of a prolonged mental health crisis
to weathering the storm of divorce, unexpected career change, and the crushing
weight of heartbreak, Laverne's story is a testament to resilience. He's not
just sharing his tale—he's offering a lifeline of hope to those facing similar

Laverne believes everyone should find their
inner power and live the lives they deserve.

With passion as his compass, Laverne is
determined to arm you with the tools to dodge the pitfalls he once stumbled
into. Let's rewrite the narrative together and forge a path toward empowerment
and fulfillment.

Discover the pathway to a joy-filled life,
guided by Transformation Through Honour.

Just as Laverne has experienced profound
fulfillment, you too can embark on this journey without enduring the emotional
pain he faced. In just 12 weeks, embrace a total transformation and become the
best version of yourself!